We all have dreams of going to the happiest place on earth aka Disneyland; some dreams do come true, while others have to wait. Any other way, we make a way to fulfill our dreams. Apparently for Seasielle (founder of Wonderful Life), that dream doesn’t need to take place on any Disneyland park since it can happen right where she is. Yes, she just watched Disney On Ice last December 30, 2016 at SM Mall of Asia, together with her family.

According to her, it was really unplanned since she had other activities on her mind when she purchased their tickets; but then unplanned activities are really the best ones as the saying goes by.

Their family was scheduled to watch Disney on Ice (DOI) at seven o’clock in the evening (7pm). Of course, since it was a holiday season in the Philippines, they checked-in in a nearby hotel to feel the holiday spirit as well. Fortunately, they did it because they didn’t need to hurry up in getting ready for the said event.

Fast forward, they arrived at the said venue around 6:50 in the evening. Well, the venue was already jam-packed with people from all walks of life. Furthermore, almost half of the audience were children.

The show started at exactly 7:00pm in the evening. Storytelling is definitely hard for this one so videos will be uploaded for the sole purpose of understanding what really happened, and what went by.


Lion King

🎵Let it Go…🎵

Disclaimer: Videos were captured by Seasielle herself since it was allowed inside the venue; that’s why there were some instances were voices from her or from the audience can be heard.
All in all, it was a wonderful night.

Wonderful Day to all of us earthling creatures. 🙂


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