Wonderful earthling day!

Mr. Sunshine is smiling happily; indeed, what a wonderful day.

Then came Mr. Storm; his catastrophic force left many people homeless, hopeless, and soulless. Most of them lost sign of life within them and decided to join Mr. Storm’s devastated world; while some still waits for Mr. Sunshine to come out, and they succeed. After all, life is created wonderfully.

For those who are lost and still wanderers, there’s a group for you: Wonderful Life. Finally, you lost soul walking on this wonderful tiny earthling world came to the right place.

Wonderful Life wants the soul in you to be woken up by the desire that today is a wonderful day to do wondrous things. Forget the negative force that is pulling your soul from being happy; instead, explore, take risk, try something new and different, leave a wonderful mark in everyone’s heart, and live wonderfully awesome.

Forget the line: I can’t make it or I can’t do it because I’m a PWD or because I’m not well-off like the others, etc.. Instead say this: No matter if I’m not perfectly normal like others as long as I can do wonderful things, I’m on the right track.

There are gravitational forces that we can’t control nor can’t chase after; all we can do is to live and turn around at the same time and speed as to where the string of the gravitational force is pulling us. Share wonderful memories with each one; together let us be the change we want the earthling world to see.

Wonderful life wants your lovely soul to embrace the wondrous change you’ve done for yourself or the wondrous decision you’ve ever done to live wonderfully happy. If you have a story to tell, or wondrous picture to share, don’t hesitate to contact Wonderful Life. Just click Wonderful Connections which can be found below. Thank you.