Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar: Hispanic Era

The company where Seasielle is currently employed just had its annual team building last May 7, and 8, 2018 at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar.

7th day of May:

Seasielle was joined by her mother and sister during this trip alongside her officemates. From their workplace, they travelled North (Balintawak-SCTEX-San Fernando-Bataan), and had a stopover at Jollibee to eat lunch. It was a 3 1/2 hour ride, since their team took San Fernando exit rather than Dinalupihan which according to some travelers was a better way. Anyway, their group arrived at past 1:00 in the afternoon. The management of Las Casas strictly follows the 2:00 pm checked-in time; therefore giving Seasielle and her companions enough time to take photos within the vicinity. Also, a welcome drink will be served while waiting. Once the clock strikes at 2:00, a Jeepney will be waiting outside the reception which will serve as your ride going to your assigned Casa, and to roam the place. Exactly at 4:30 pm, the whole group joined The Heritage Tour ((they offer this tour starting 9:30 in the morning with one hour interval before the next one (one hour lunch break: 12:30-1:30pm), and until 4:30 in the afternoon)), which will require lots of walking so please wear comfortable shoes, bring water, wear hat, or bring an umbrella, and put sunblock to be protected at all times.


Kalesa Ride (75pesos/person); Heritage Tour (though it was a long walk, it was worth-it); Jeepney Ride; Exotic delicacies (Balut&Penoy); and night walks which showcases the beauty of the place.

Note: Seasielle and the whole company didn’t get a chance to experience the famous River Cruise since it was fully booked, but according to some visitors, it was a wondrous experienced. So if ever you’ll visit Las Casas, immediately book a seat at Casa Lubao for this once in a lifetime boat ride experience.

The Casa:

The Casa that Seasielle and her family got has two floors which is consists of four rooms (1st floor – 2 rooms, and 2nd floor – 2 rooms). They were at room 5102 which is located at the ground floor.

Room Highlights:

2 Queen Sized Bed; Bath tub, and shower area; the designs of the ceilings; and the room itself (spacious).

8th day of May:

Breakfast: 6:00 am to 10:00 am. At 8:00 in the morning, Seasielle and her companion rode a Tram going to Hotel De Oriente (the back side) for a buffet breakfast (complimentary upon checked-in). After that, some of her officemates went to tour Hotel De Oriente (Php 200/pax), but Seasielle and her family went back to their room since Uncle Sunshine froze them into its unbearable heat. At around ten in the morning, their company had its annual team building activities organized by Las Casas Management (It was booked at Casa Lubao for Php 3000+ inclusive of five (5) Filipino Games) which took place outside Casa Lubao. After that, they all went back to their rooms, and time to bid goodbye to the Olden Times.

Route going Home: Bataan-Dinalupihan-SCTEX-Balintawak

Note: Operating Hours for Tram Ride: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For Inquiries and other questions, you can visit Las Casas website at:

Heritage Tour 🙂
Wondrous Church for a wedding. 👫
Moment Like This. ✌
Room 5102
Ceilings. 🙂
Room 5102

North: Summer is Coming

-Overdue Post-

The advertisement of Department of Tourism says: It’s more fun in the Philippines. Indeed, it’s true.

After Seasielle have been sun-kissed by Palawan, Ilocos gave her a time machine to travel back in time.

Last June 9-11 (where it was a long weekend in Philippines), seasielle and her family (Mama and older sister) went to Ilocos. They joined a tour composed of fourteen people, which was really inappropriate since it was an eight-hour drive (a long drive). Arranged by Costa Travel and Tour, and King and Joy, (definitely don’t book through this agencies since it was all about money for them) the tour was almost-perfect except that Seasielle’s mama and sister had to seat on an uncomfortable place throughout the entire journey, and they had to interact with their rude companions.
Day 0:
Left Eton, Quezon City at around 9:15 in the evening to travel to Vigan.

Had three to four stop-overs.

Day 1: Vigan

Lacked of sleep caused discomfort to Seasielle and her family that’s why when they arrived at Calle Crisologo around 4:45 in the morning, they were in a bad mood, but they went down the van to explore the said place during dawn. It was whimsical during the said time since the quantality can be felt clothing the history of Calle Crisologo. Spanish structure of houses is very significant in this one. The people living in those infrastructure never replaced the way it was built.
After Calle Crisologo, they went to eat breakfast at Hidden Garden. Because of exhaustion from lacked of sleep, they did not roam the said place. For the food, it was a not-a-good-one.
Up next: Baluarte.
Seasielle’s mother and sister went down just to capture photos (entrance and souvenir shop only). Mr. Sunshine was not welcoming during that time.

Bantay Bell Tower was the next attraction they’ve visited. They did not dare climbed the stairs because the scorching heat of the sun was really uninviting. They’ve just tried trick shots from the said place.
After that, the whole group travelled going to Marcos Mausoleum, and Malacañang of the North.

All of them (Seasielle and her companions) did not go down to Marcos Mausoleum since they were not interested. For the said attraction, one must pay Php 30 per person for the maintenance of it.
Malacañang of the North was the old house where the Marcos’ family grew up and lived for many years. It was a resemblance of power, elegance, and olden days. Entrance fee: Php 30.
After the visit to the said place, it was now time to pay tribute and respect to Paoay Church, which is more than hundred of years old already. Upon their arrival there, it was under renovation so the interior of it was not a photo friendly one; but outside, it was still magnificent, and Mr. Sunshine was really reliable that time since it was scorching hot: Picture Perfect for an Instagram worthy post.

Next attraction (second to the last for Day 1): Sand Dunes.
Apparently since no one in the group got a proper sleep, they all bid the opportunity to try 4×4 jeeps a farewell. Also, it was expensive for that extreme activity since you will just untidy yourself in the swirling ground of sands.

Finally, last stop: Sinking Bell Tower.
For this one, the whole group went down (not for the photo opportunity of the said place), but for the grocery store, and food establishments near it. They all bought food, and supplies for two more days of adventure.

After they had bought all their needed supplies, the whole group now travelled going to their hotel. They stayed in Vybe Hotel (3days). Upon entering their hotel room (which was a clean, and comfortable one), they wasted no time to clean-up, and went instantly to sleep.

Day 2: Pagudpud
Waking up as early as 6:00am, it was really a wondrous one to have a goodnight sleep for Seasielles’ group. After some “me-time,” they immediately went to the dining hall to eat their breakfast. Honest to goodness, it was quite fine, and the dining area was a clean one. Past 8:00 in the morning, the whole group departed the parking area of Vybe Hotel to travel going to Pagudpud.
First Stop: Cafe Bojeadora Lighthouse.
From the parking area, you can walk going uphill, or you can ride a tricycle which costs Php 20-30.  The view was spectacular once you’ve reached the top (but not the highest point yet). This was a better start for something new in store.

 Next: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

This left Seasielle, her mother, and her sister in awed. This was actually their favorite amongst the rest since this was pure “Nature Love.” Nothing in this place was not extraordinary. In fact, one of FPJ’s (a popular actor in the Philippines) movie was filmed in this place. All Seasielle can say: The white scenery is as pure as one’s soul.

Third Stop: Bangui Windmills.
This was an effective source of energy especially within the premises since it was near the beach front, and Mr. Wind-blower is a frequent visitor in the said area. Also, a good photo opportunity for those Instagram fanatics.
Next Attraction: Patapat Viaduct.

This was just a quick stop where you can see the view of South China Sea, and the mountain going to Cagayan. Nothing worth-it in this one.

Second to the last for Day 2: Bantay Abot Cave.
Before you can reach the said destination, you have to go down to too many flight of stairs, then walked through the sea of rocks(which was quite sharp, and a bit smooth), and finally, climbed another flight of rocks. The prized: One-of-kind view in one destination. Meaning, Mr. Sea, Mr. Mountain, and Mr. Half-Cave in one place. A good one for pictures.

Finally, last stop: Blue Lagoon.
Here, nothing is quite out-of-the-box experience, except for the zipline (which Seasielle tried, and left her quite scared since it was already quite in the afternoon, and the wind is against the flow of the said zipline. But according to her, it was definitely one of the best. A must-try activity there). Aside from that, all you can do is just spend your day in the beach.

After such a fulfilling day 2, the whole group went back to their hotel, and spend the rest of the night in their rooms. (Some actually roamed the city, and capture some worth-it photos.)
*Note: for the Cafe Bojeadora Lighthouse, there’s an entrance fee.
In Kapurpurawan, you can ride a horse (if you don’t want to walk under the scorching heat of the sun) going to the said Rock Formation, which costs Php 100 back and forth. Finally, in Blue Lagoon, your group have to chip-in for a cottage rental.

Day 3: Time to Bid-Farewell to Ilocos
After the wake-up call at around 6 in the morning, the whole group went to eat their breakfast in the hotel dining room. Then, they immediately left Vybe Hotel.

Before heading back to Manila, they travelled back to Calle Crisogo to buy souvenirs. Afterwards, they had a stop-over at Vitalis Villa (which required an entrance fee of around Php 200 per person). A big No-No for you will just see replicas of Santorini in Greece. So, the whole group instantly left the said premises, and travelled back going to Manila.

Overall: It is really More Fun in the Philippines. Lots of Spectacular, and Breathtaking sceneries assembles by Nature, and made by Man can be seen in this country.

History time: Calle Crisologo 😍
Bantay Bell Tower
Inside Paoay Church
Vybe Hotel: A Good Vybe (vibe)
Kapurpurawan=Purity 🤗
Oh, Windy Days!
Patapat viaduct 📷
Para..Para..Paradise=Paoay Lake
Vitalis Villa

Paradise: Escapade to El Nido and Rock Formations of Underground River

*Overdue Post.*

When was the last time you said “This is life!?”
When was the last time you’ve been to paradise?
How about the time when you just closed your eyes, and when you open it all you can see is the most breathtaking view given by nature?
Maybe some of you just went to paradise yesterday, last weekend, last week, last month, last year, or maybe where you are right now is paradise. You must be thankful because when you’re living in paradise there’s no dull moment for you. Every day is such a wondrous epitome of heaven.

The first Saturday of March was very special to Seasielle. Why? Because she won’t just bond with one of her best friends who just came from Dubai, but she was also going to Palawan with her. All set as they board Air Asia’s flight going to Puerto Princesa. Before the plane took-off, Seasielle was in awed by the scenery she saw: Definitely a one-of-a-kind nature’s gift from God.

Once the plane landed, Seasielle, her mother, and her best friend had a photo taken in front of the sign “Puerto Princesa Airport.” Finally, it was now time to ride a van going to El Nido (a five-hour drive). It was a comfortable one since they were just ten passengers. Seasielle’s group had a stop-over at Elfredo’s Restaurant to eat lunch. After eating, it was time to get back on the road. The sceneries hindered back Seasielle to have some sleep since she couldn’t stopped staring with those views. Truly, Philippines is so blessed with multitudes of Natural Resources.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon, Seasielle’s group finally reached El Nido. They were situated in Hotel Deo which was located just 5-10mins walk from the van terminal. After settling down, they immediately went to try El Nido’s Zipline (a must try one), and watched the sun sets while hanging around in Las Cabanas (the sand is pure heaven). Finally, dinner time. They dined in Art Cafe which is a must-try local restaurant in El Nido.

Day 2: Island Hopping Time
This was arranged by RJM Travel and Tours so Seasielle’s group didn’t have a hard time coordinating with everything. Included in the package arranged was Island Hopping Tour A (Big, and Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 Commando Beach). Verdict: Truly, it was Paradise. Around 4:00pm, it was now time for her group to travel back to Puerto Princesa. Traveling at night was a bit scary since zigzag road is your enemy. They arrived at around 10:00 in the evening and was checked-in at Corazon’s Inn.

Day 3: Underground River, and Farewell Palawan
After a heavy breakfast prepared by the staff of Corazon’s Inn, their group was picked-up by a van and headed straight to the port going to Underground River. But before that, they first went to Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour (not so worthy for the price, but it was some kind of a good helped for those people living in that area). After a long queue, the time has come to witness Underground River. Verdict: Wonderfully handcrafted by God’s hand, it was a perfect place for those people who are fans of Rock Formations.

Truly, Escapade to Palawan already left a marked to Seasielle’s heart.

P.S. Earthling Creatures, don’t forget to include Palawan in your itinerary. 🙂

Expenses in Palawan (El Nido&Puerto):
Note: These were the ones not included in the package

Day 1:
210 – lunch
1000 – zip line
150 – tricycle
300 – mango shake
750 – dinner at Art Cafe (since Seasielle’s group equally divided the bill into 4)
400 – souvenir photos in Zipline (for Seasielle and her mother)
Day 2:
12 – ice drop
50 – tricycle going to the main town
400 – environmental fee for Island Hopping Tour A
100 – shoes (you need to rent if ever you’re wearing a rubber shoes, or slippery sandals)
500 – kayaking
100 – tip for the boatman
40 – shower (since Seasielle’s group already checked-out in the hotel, they have to pay for the use of shower. 20 per person)
180 – dinner for two @Elfreda’s
Day 3:
975 – mangrove, environmental fee (Underground River)
975 – souvenir
120 – Dinner at McDonald’s

Total: 6282

Note: for photo reference, kindly visit Seasielle’s post:

#wonderfullife to all of you earthling creatures 🙂

Wonderful Memories: Disney On Ice

We all have dreams of going to the happiest place on earth aka Disneyland; some dreams do come true, while others have to wait. Any other way, we make a way to fulfill our dreams. Apparently for Seasielle (founder of Wonderful Life), that dream doesn’t need to take place on any Disneyland park since it can happen right where she is. Yes, she just watched Disney On Ice last December 30, 2016 at SM Mall of Asia, together with her family.

According to her, it was really unplanned since she had other activities on her mind when she purchased their tickets; but then unplanned activities are really the best ones as the saying goes by.

Their family was scheduled to watch Disney on Ice (DOI) at seven o’clock in the evening (7pm). Of course, since it was a holiday season in the Philippines, they checked-in in a nearby hotel to feel the holiday spirit as well. Fortunately, they did it because they didn’t need to hurry up in getting ready for the said event.

Fast forward, they arrived at the said venue around 6:50 in the evening. Well, the venue was already jam-packed with people from all walks of life. Furthermore, almost half of the audience were children.

The show started at exactly 7:00pm in the evening. Storytelling is definitely hard for this one so videos will be uploaded for the sole purpose of understanding what really happened, and what went by.


Lion King

🎵Let it Go…🎵

Disclaimer: Videos were captured by Seasielle herself since it was allowed inside the venue; that’s why there were some instances were voices from her or from the audience can be heard.
All in all, it was a wonderful night.

Wonderful Day to all of us earthling creatures. 🙂

The Art of Giving

12th day of December 2015, marked Seasielle’s (founder of Wonderful Life) first ever storytelling event with a theme: Exploring the world through reading.

It came out because of her will to give back to others for such a prosperous year, and what a perfect way to share it but with her most favorite thing to do: reading.

Of course, organizing an event while working for more than eight (8) hours a day was not that easy. Obstacles along the way was her greatest enemy. Can you believe that just two days before the event, one of the storytellers backed-out due to personal reasons; twenty four (24) hours before the event, another one had an emergency. What a total chaos! Good thing, miracle happens all the time! Seasielle’s mother volunteered to be the storyteller. Huge thanks for her!

The event started at 3:15 pm in the afternoon, and ended at exactly 5:00 pm. Five books were read – three Tagalog and two English.

The kids were very attentive and well-behaved though there were some who were naughty.

It was really a fun Saturday filled with learnings, games, activities, prizes, food, and of course, loot bags.

The kids did not only leave with prizes, but they also left with a story to share with others.

We all say that we want a change from this planet, well, be the change that you want. Let it start from us so that slowly, we can achieve what we dream of. Don’t just sit there while complaining and being greedy, do something for yourself.

God Bless! #ForeverGrateful

P.S. This year, Seasielle is planning another storytelling event maybe November, or December. For those who want to lend a helping hand, just leave a message here; also, suggestion for places are still welcome (specifically in Makati, Marikina, Pasig, or Quezon City).

Thank you!


Loot bags from the said event.


Eating their snacks.


Theme: Exploring the World Through Reading 🙂 (sorry for the low quality)

Creating A Wonderful Life

Wonderful Day!

I’m the founder/creator of Wonderful Life which aims to share the wonders of being alive, whether through pictures, or inspiring stories. Maybe you’re all wondering why did I start this project. Well, the answer is so simple: I started this blog not to gain followers nor to become famous, but to raise awareness against suicide and bullying.

I feel gloominess hovers above my head every time I hear news about people committing suicide, or those people being bullied. What’s the sole purpose why others do it? Life is so precious; meaning we don’t have any right to take it, nor to destroy it. Don’t we know that every time we bully a person we destroy his self being; his self esteem breaks until it reaches the zero point or meltdown moment which usually results to take his own life. So please, let us stop bullying; any form of it. Let us save a life.

On the other hand, I want to share my story to give hope to those who are lost, and are planning to end their own life. Cheer up, there’s always a sunshine to give smile on your face.

The Not-So-Dramatic-Story of My Unbecoming 😉

When I came out of this world, I’m as small as a feeding bottle for babies because I have a congenital heart disease. My mom is the only one who dare to hold my hands, and to carry me; my dad never did it because he was too afraid he might hurt me.

As day passed by, doctors told my parents that I won’t be able to walk, stand, eat, talk, play, and worst, I might not be able to reach the age of seven, but it can be prevented if I would undergo an open heart surgery; to eradicate all the dramas, I’m already at my twenty’s reaching for my dreams.
Good thing, my parents said no. Why? Because according to the doctors, operations were all successful, but the recovery stage was the worst. Not everyone gets a chance to live a new life that’s why I’m so thankful for my parents’ decision.

Growing up, things weren’t easy for all of us. Mama spent most of her time taking good care of me, while Papa always carry me whenever we have a quality family bonding. I thought Papa will always carry me throughout my entire life; fortunately, he won’t do it forever.

Going to school really frightens me because I have a speech defect (until now); as expected, people bullies me, and calls me random names, especially when I was in fifth grade because my right back started to hunch. The reason: Most people who have congenital heart disease tend to have scoliosis as well. When I heard that news, my whole world starts to fall not only for myself, but for my parents; because ever since that day, people starts calling me “Hunchback of (insert name of place)” which really boost down my self esteem to zero. Those were the dark days of my life, and I can’t do anything. I allowed those people to consume my whole being. Thankfully, God intervened in my life and gave me friends. (Okay, next chapter now because I don’t want to cry) 🙂

I finished my secondary, intermediate, and collegiate education with a bang!

Until now, I still can’t believe that I’ve done such wonderful things; and I’m still continuing to leave a mark in this world by inspiring people to go on, chase their dreams. It is never too late to do marvelous memories especially to all of you who, no matter whether you have imperfections, or perfectly normal. Remember as long as you see Mr. Sunshine every morning, there’s hope waiting for you across the street. 🙂

Shout out to those people who are saying that the only way to runaway of all their problems is through suicide, trust me, it is not. I know your fair share of stresses because I’ve experienced worst than most of you did; so please, take time to scroll, and rest for a while. Find peace within your hearts, and always armor and shield yourself with a Prayer.

I swam away to the pool made of mud because I never let the light of God to leave me; so those who are in doubt or trouble, pray unceasingly.

Hopefully, I did inspire all of you. Don’t worry, this is just a start of something new. 🙂

God Bless everyone. 🙂

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